Re Hire 17 Under

What Do I Need?

Please download and complete all of the paperwork listed below:

  1. Employment Application – signed, with parent or guardian signature of a minor.
  2. I-9ID check must be done in person with your supervisor.
  3. Worker’s Compensation Form – signed and witnessed.
  4. Handbook Supplement Acknowledgement – signed and witnessed.  Select here to read/print the supplement.
  5. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement – signed and witnessed.  Select here to read/print the handbook.
  6. Copy of Work Permit
  7. Permission to Drug Screen Letter
  8. Employee Emergency Information.
  9. Uniform Order Form.
  10. Copy of your current driver’s license.
  11. Background Check Clearance – if requested by your supervisor only.
  12. Drug Screen – if requested by your supervisor only.

Background Checks

Staff in selected positions must undergo a background check. Please review the list below to see if you are required.

Cashier Department Supervisors, Head Cashiers and Guest Service
You must complete the Verified Credentials process.

Verified Credentials Link

Play Care, Children’s Instructors, Children’s Specific Program Instructors, Adventure Camp Counselors
You must complete the following paperwork and return to HR to process.

  1. Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance – complete form and return to Roundtop HR Office for processing.
  2. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check – complete form and return to Roundtop HR Office for processing.
  3. Snow Time Inc. Background Check Release – sign and return to Roundtop HR Office.
  4. FBI Federal Criminal History – please see your Supervisor for direction on how to register and process your fingerprints.

Once you have received your clearances for FBI Federal Criminal History and PA Child Abuse History Clearance from Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services in the mail, please submit the original forms to Roundtop’s HR Office for your hiring process to be completed.

Background Check Paperwork